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What's This All About and Why Buy Here?

This website is an " Associate." What this allows me to do is serve as something of a broker for - any items you purchase through my website, either those individually highlighted or retrieved through the search engine on the main page, earns a commission of between 5-15% on most (but not all) items. Out-of-print and backordered books are a few of the exceptions. The books I have directly linked to earn a greater commission, so if you've seen a book mentioned elsewhere on this site that you're interested in buying, please see if there is a direct link to it under either the Books Just Read, Being Read or Soon to be Read or Past Brief Reviews and Books Mentioned Elsewhere on this Site pages.

So why buy through this site? One very simple reason: every penny I earn in commission will go towards purchasing and shipping books and periodicals to African libraries (or will be donated to the African Literature Association's Book Donation scheme). For information on moneys received and disbursed, check out the latest Fiscal Report. Where feasible, purchases of books for distribution will be made directly from African publishers (such as Baobab Publishers of Zimbabwe and the Sierra Leone Writers Series), their agents (such as the African Books Collective) or those publishers working to distribute their materials more widely in Africa and at more affordable prices (such as Bayreuth African Studies Series).

So please, consider buying through this site and help me to do what little we can to ease the "book famine" of many African countries. Remember, you don't need to buy titles related to Africa - any title (or CD or video or toy or whatever else decides to start selling) purchased through this site will earn a commission. If you do purchase through this site, thank you and do write to let me know (see links below) so I can thank you personally. If you know of or are affiliated with an institution that might benefit from book or subscription donations, please feel free to write me directly. Click here to send an email or write me at:

Here are the lists of available titles for immediate shipment: click here to view the list of books and here to view my list of photocopied articles and book chapters. If you are affiliated with a school or library (whether the latter is affiliated with an educational institution or not) and are interested in any of the following titles, please contact me at If you have other, specific titles that you need - whether serials or monographs - feel free to contact me as well; the "available" list is just what I have on hand, they are not the only available titles.

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